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“Gli Slowtorch fanno le cose sul serio e le fanno maledettamente bene. A distanza di 4 anni da quel "4 Barrel Retribution" ritornano in pista con questo platter denominato "Serpente", tanto curioso quanto affascinante. Suoni caldi e sempre ben bilanciati con un gusto per l'armonia e la melodia sono gli ingredienti vincenti del quartetto di Bolzano. 10 pezzi più intro che fanno la loro bella figura nel panorama stoner, anche se loro sono molto di più. [...] Un applauso dunque per questi ragazzi che faranno proseliti anche tra coloro che, come me, alla musica stoner non sono proprio avvezzi.”

"I'd say, just give it a try. 7.5/10"

- Adrian, Pest Webzine (Oct 01, 2015)

“SLOWTORCH are from Bolzano and exist since 2005… I am surprised I never heard of them before, because they have already scored another 3 albums and took part in an important series of tours throughout Europe: mysteries of the digital age that make you be acknowledged about an Aussie combo and not of a band that is just 400 miles away from your home. Anyway…”Snake” is a great stoner/metal album, tough and incisive like only Clutch mange to be…and in facts, the band from Maryland is officially mentioned as a main influence… 11 tracks to be put into your hi-fi player to test the strength of the speakers…”

- Vincebus Eruptum / Heavy - Psych Music Magazine (Oct 15, 2014)

“Los stoners italianos Slowtorch nos presentan su nuevo disco. ‘Serpente‘ es el título de su más reciente álbum de estudio, un disco de 11 pistas directas a la nuca, que sigue los patrones más corrosivos del estilo.”

- Mike, La Estadea (Jul 26, 2015)

“[T]he band have really captured a sound well, utilising their own influences into the mix of well known idols from history. It certainly feels like something we’ve heard before, but adorned with fuzzy jewels of rock past, so if you’re fans of Dio, Ozzy, Clutch, Kyuss and those damn dirty Desert Sessions this release will most certainly be up your street.”

- Tomas Cummings, TOXIC ONLINE (Sep 07, 2015)

"[T]he band rocks like a swinging udder. Really a band which will get everyone in a small venue to move and dance."

- Marcel H., Lords of Metal (Oct 02, 2015)